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ACEX is a Cryptocurrency Exchange of TE Markets Ltd Company Registration No: 224001 with registered office at No. 306 Victoria House Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles.

We are a cryptocurrency Exchange that allows users easy and smart access to buy, sell and pay with cryptocurrency.

ACEX is the first ever consolidated exchange created on the African continent. We are currently a cryptocurrency platform that allows users easy and smart access to buy, sell and pay with cryptocurrency. In the coming months, this exchange is designed to be a digital finance hub for Forex, Stocks, Commodities and indices traders and investors. Hence ACEX is a one-stop shop for all tradable assets.



Creating a paradigm shift in the trades industry by unifying trade across borders through blockchain by creating a one-stop-shop for all tradable assets


      Blockchain and all tradable assets Exchange

Conveying a fast, secure and reliable trading experience powered by XTEM

Over 2,000 instruments cutting across different asset classes including Forex CFDs, Metals, Oil, Indices, Equities and Synthetically indexed African derivatives available to traders and investors globally

      Coin and Project Listing

ACEX allows multiple listings of products by SMEs and large corporations that would like to have their value traded across the African continent and beyond

Already listed Projects

      T.E. Properties

      T.E. Payment Gateway

      Red Planets Resources


        ACEX Platform


      Crypto-FIAT Visa Card

ACEX Visa Card is a debit/credit Crypto–FIAT card that allows buying, selling and settlement of transactions around the globe. You can transfer FIAT to Crypto and vice versa. You can spend your crypto without converting it to USD. 

 With the ACEX crypto card, you can have access to 119 Million Visa-enabled ATMs across the globe.


Providing professional blockchain and digital assets education.



The Temcoin (XTEM) is a utility coin designed to pay for goods, services, and settlement of transactions in the Africa Consolidated Exchange. The XTEM is also used for Crypto Staking in our other operations - real estate, the payment gateway, mining, beneficiation, and exploration. The XTEM seeks to provide a safer and more secure digital payment facilitation in Africa and beyond!