What is XTEM?

TEMCOIN (XTEM) is the native currency token that powers the ACEX ecosystem. You can trade XTEM like any other utility token. XTEM was launched through an initial coin offering (ICO) that took place from June 26th to October 26th, 2021. The issue price was 1 USDT for 1 XTEM. XTEM is an ERC-20 token running on the Ethereum network, with a total supply of 500 million coins. 10 million XTEM was offered in the ICO to members of the TEM community in a private sale. About 200 million XTEM is being offered in an ongoing public sale. The current price of XTEM is $1.34


What is XTEM used for?

XTEM is the utility token that allows hodlers to draw value both passively and actively from the African Consolidated Exchange (ACEX). XTEM has many use cases both within and outside the ACEX ecosystem. XTEM hodlers have a diverse range of applications and use cases that they can decide to use their coins for. 

You can use XTEM to pay transaction fees on ACEX trading platform. When trading cryptocurrencies on ACEX, each trade will be charged a fee. You can either pay this fee using the asset you are trading or you can pay with XTEM. There's a special discount for you when you opt for XTEM.

XTEM is the currency that you will use to subscribe to any of the staking pools on ACEX. When you subscribe to a staking pool with XTEM, you get the fixed APY reward on your staking in XTEM. Click here to know more about ACEX Staking Pools (Link to ACEX Staking pools) 

Likewise, XTEM is the currency that you will use to buy some holding into any of the listed companies on ACEX.  

XTEM is used to pay for goods and services on both online and in-shop purchases (e.g using the ACEX Card or T.E Payment Gateway). Travels and hotel reservations bills can be settled with the ACEX Visa card and XTEM. You can spend your XTEM worldwide with ACEX Visa Card and thousands of merchants on the ACEX platform.

Other benefits include, provide liquidity on ACEX liquid swap, send and receive crypto payment with TE Payment gateway, access crypto loan on TE Micro funding, apply for crypto funding using TE Capital, and stake XTEM in one click to earn rewards using ACEX staking pools, 


XTEM Burns and Buy Back

XTEM uses an auto-burn and buy back system to reduce its total supply to 250,000,000 XTEM. The auto burn mechanism adjusts the amount of XTEM to be burned based on XTEM's price and the number of blocks generated on the Ethereum ERC-20 blockchain during the quarter. This offers transparency and predictability to the XTEM community. 


Where do I buy XTEM?

The private sale of XTEM is ongoing. That means you can buy some XTEM on the XTEM website (www.tem-coin.com). 

Buy XTEM now.