Whether you are shopping, dining or traveling, ACEX credit card gives you the financial comfort and security you need.

With ACEX crypto cards, your crypto to FIAT and FIAT to crypto transactions are easy and accessible. You can spend your preferred cryptocurrency of FIAT at millions of merchants worldwide and at more than 119 Million Visa-enabled ATMs across the globe

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Makes cross border transactions easy and fast 

You can make payments offshore easily and fast with either crypto of FIAT depending on the currency you prefer


Hold Crypto and FIAT and transact only when you have to

Each ACEX crypto card has 2 fiat wallets and 3 crypto wallets which allows you to hold your crypto and only transact when you need to


We offer higher spending limits than most crypto cards

The lowest daily cypto load limit on an ACEX card is $5,000 and the highest is $100,000.


Customer Support

Our top-notch customer support agents are available 24/7 to attend to you wherever you are