Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can buy and sell crypto on ACEX from the P2P section.
Login to your back office, click on settings, account details, then complete your KYC with your preferred documents.
You could be using the wrong browser to access your account. You need to clear cache, refresh your system and login again.
No, but it’s highly advisable to set one in order to enhance the security of your funds
Yes, you can do this at your back office. Go to settings, click on profiles or raise a support ticket.
Login to your account and go to support. Add a new Ticket
No.You can only have one account.
The services are only available for adults only ,18 years and above.
It’s not a must. However if you want to participate in P2P transactions you will have to provide.
Not at the moment as this offer lapsed.
You can get this on the ACEX homepage
You can do this by raising a support ticket where you will be guided.
The minimum coins are 25 XTEMs
Please watch the video below to understand how to buy XTEM step by step.
A maximum of 48 hours
Login to your back office. Go to the dashboard, click on referral statistics, then copy the referral link and share with your team.
You can do this by clicking on this link.
Yes. You can swipe on any POS that has Visa or Mastercard
You can fund through crypto currencies e.g. bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB or USDT
We have four cards · ACEX Classic · ACEX Gold · ACEX Platinum · ACEX Black For more information please visit
Yes, you can
It takes 24 hours
This is your preferred buying/selling price for your assets. You can set a limit order from the trading platform.
Your assets are accessible from the main wallet, you don't need to do any transfer.
KYC takes a maximum of 48 hours to be approved
By clicking on history and select deposit or withdraw
You can’t change your username once you have registered in the platform
Register on ACEX and make sure your KYC has been completed and verified, then click on wallet and select XTEM and press deposit to copy the wallet address.
It only takes a few min, some network confirmation have up to three confirmations
Go to the login page select Forgot password and follow the steps to reset the password
You can deposit to the address which is displayed in deposit pages
By raising a support ticket from your back office