1 Acex wants all our users to understand and agree before getting started with trading and investment in cryptoassets.

  • Cryptoassets transactions are irreversible.
  • Any crypto assets you buy will be credited to your respective crypto wallet.
  • If you lose the credentials of your wallet, you will lose your crypto assets and ACEX  will be unable to help you to restore them.
  • Remember to backup and secure your wallet.
  • The Cryptoasset market is very volatile and prone to bubbles and rapid price swings/ fluctuations are expected.
  • Investing here may be considered a high-risk activity. Proper and sound judgment should be used in evaluating the risks associated with these activities.
  • The market price changes over time and so your Crypto value may be of more worth or worthless in the future.
  • Coin Hopper does not advise on trading risk. If at any point ACEX or its representatives do provide trading recommendations, market commentary, or any other information, the act of doing so is incidental to your relationship with us and imposes no obligation of truth or due diligence on behalf of Coin Hopper or its representatives.
  • Cryptoassets are not monitored or backed by any regulatory body, government or otherwise.Coin Hopper does not solicit nor make any representation that Bitcoin or any cryptoassets are an investment vehicle. Neither Coin Hopper nor anyone else has an obligation to buy back your Bitcoin/crypto assets in the future.There are risks associated with utilizing an Internet-based trading system including, but not limited to, the failure of hardware, software, and Internet connections. You agree that we shall not be responsible for any communication failures, disruptions, errors, distortions, or delays you may experience when trading via the Services, however caused.


  • Always Set a strong password for your account
  • Passwords must be atleast 6 characters long and a maximum of 64 characters. We recommend using passwords longer than 10 characters.
  • Include a combination of characters, numbers and symbols like $%^~ in your password
  • Never use common words as passwords. For eg your name or birthdate or your pet's name
  • Never use a password that you have used elsewhere. For eg - your email password, your facebook password or even your password for another cryptocurrency exchange
  • The decision to trade rests entirely on the users own independent judgment
  • Never share your password with anyone else. ACEX will never call or email you asking for your password. Nobody needs your password to help you with a problem.
  • You should also follow the above tips to secure the email ID that you have registered with your Coin Hopper account.

3.Two Factor Authentication (2FA) & OTP

  • Always enable 2FA on your account. We highly recommend using an app based 2FA like Google Authenticator.
  • When setting up 2FA, store the secret key in a very safe place. Never store it on your device or email
  • Never share your 2FA app or device with anyone else.
  • Never share your 2FA Code/OTP with anyone else. Even if someone claims they're contacting you from Coin Hopper.We never need your OTP to help you with any problem.
  • If you have received an OTP on your phone without requesting for one, please contact our support team immediately.